is Eco-Friendly, it is Innovative, it is Plastic Free, it is Zero Waste


Plastic is a major problem for ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change and the well-being of the planet


Plastic is produced from fossil fuels, such as oil and fossil gas, and contributes to climate change.


Production of tons of plastic expected in 2050 of which at least 12 tons will constitute waste


Tons of plastic that end up in the seas every year


Number of plastic bottles sold per minute


AGA's solution is GALAFIL, its technology used to produce gadgets made from sustainable materials.

Aga decided to join the change by using sustainable, biodegradable and compostable alternative materials to plastic to reduce its environmental impact.

Through GALAFIL technology, AGA is able to produce sustainable gadgets made from materials 100% derived from organic sources, specifically from milk.

GALAFIL is the manufacturing technology used to produce AGA’s sustainable gadgets and is able to guarantee an excellent promotional products’ quality result.

The sustainable materials used, through GALAFIL technology, do not produce residues harmful to the environment or health, returning to the soil and re-entering the life cycle of the planet, according to the principles of the CIRCULAR ECONOMY.


The name Galafil from the Greek means Love for milk and is an index of rebirth and change because it is the liquid secreted by the mammary gland that is the indispensable food for birth, growth and improvement.

The rebirth and sustainable change promoted by AGA, thanks to the use of Galafil, comes from love for our home, as well as planet earth.