Fausto Roma is undeniably an eccentric character in the current landscape of the arts in Italy. It seems to possess a good visual mood undeniably goes against the trend. He loves color, and the sign that articulates it as if it were an undeciphered writing. He looks like a storyteller, one of those curious ones who appeared from a sort of arcane magic. A writer descriptor of his painting", so talks Philippe Daverio (art critic, journalist and television presenter).

It was born from a production reality and then converged in a new world that of art and design.


IGEA is the full explosion of the works of Fausto Roma. It starts from the realization of primordial symbols represented today, in the real world. The signs and icons within the artist's drawings come to light and then they are imprinted on the ice buckets. Strong colors like the original actions, bright and sparkling colors that give the bucket a new life that starts from the plastic material to become a painting.


HEL was born from the idea of giving a new life to plastic, to give it a value. Not only objects but works of art.
Hel is the Ice Queen in Greek mythology and for this reason she was conceived at times superb but also vulnerable as well as glass, atavistic like the images she imprinted on and extremely revolutionary, born from plastic and become an Icon ":
Inside HEL there is a world to discover.

The artist, the painter and sculptor Fausto Roma, the exhibition, an evocative solo exhibition entitled "Acquatica", and a careful selection of works made in the last year in an in-depth analysis of the profound meaning of this substance. They are paintings of large and very large format with a strong personality, made with the technique of acrylic on canvas, which are combined with an artist's carpet in which the reference to an ancient art such as weaving meets a strongly contemporary flavor.