Join the race to make the world a better place

We are the only manufacturer in Europe specialized in the production sustainable and biodegradable gadgets, attentive to the concept of sustainability at 360 degrees and able to create products made in Italy tailored for you.

Our goal is to offer a greener alternative to plastic to reduce environmental impact and increase the impact by companies in launching awareness messages on the use of more sustainable materials. We are your right shoulder to give life to your ideas and develop them with zero impact on the planet with a material never used before, deriving 100% from natural sources.

AGA works side by side with agencies to generate competitive advantage in the commercial and promotional field, with the aim of strengthening brand purpose, values and corporate identity. The technologies, professionalism and continuous research & development activities guarantee the skills able to satisfy any need.

we are innovation
We like to think outside the box, experiment with new things always having an eye to the future
we are sustainable
sustainability is the fundamental element for future well-being and for this reason it is one of the main objectives of AGA
we are honest
We always act in fairness and accuracy and work with the aim of improving every day
we are the change
AGA is a promoter of the change of the present for future well-being

Our mission is to offer you the best: a product that impacts people, not the planet.

parallax background

Coming from the world of plastic, we have always been aware of all the problems of environmental pollution that caused our production, for this reason we have always been looking for a change that could reduce our impact on the planet.


AGA is the perfect partner to bring your ideas to life without generating any impact on the planet #GOGREENWITHAGA

parallax background

AGA is a B.U of Ometec, a company that deals with the design and production of molds and plastic molding.

After years of research we have found the solution: the collaboration with partner companies, thanks to which an innovative technology was born that allows us to create products with an alternative material to plastic, 100% derived from natural sources, able to reduce the impact of CO2 on the planet and environmental pollution.

After two years of experimentation and improvement of the material and combining the knowledge of OMETEC's industrial processes and the knowledge of innovative materials of the partner companies, we have come to obtain an innovative, sustainable and unique technology in the world.

We have the strong conviction that each of us can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, with the aim of living in a more sustainable way. We have made a difference by investing in innovation and looking to the future.